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The Inspire Foundation is unique in New Zealand and is a registered charity dedicated to supporting Canterbury's young talent

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what if

we could recognise extraordinary young cantabrians who have the potential and desire to achieve excellence in their chosen field, and reward them in such a way as to help them realise it. That would be an inspired choice.

The Inspire Foundation has been set up as a charitable trust to recognise and reward extraordinary, talented young Cantabrians.

To qualify, applicants must be aged between 15 and 23 years of age (inclusive as at the 31st January of the applicable year), a resident of Canterbury for at least 3 years with New Zealand Citizenship and have demonstrated extraordinary ability or potential in any of the areas of Arts, IT, Design, Music, Science, Research, Education, Sport or Community Service.

Assistance comes in the form of grants to fund the widest possible array of requests - such as travel, courses, tuition, equipment, projects or initiatives.

It's all about making inspired choices for the future of the Canterbury region.

Gilbert Enoka: “What it took to win the World Cup

The Inspire Foundation was honoured to have All Blacks Manager and mental skills specialist Gilbert Enoka speak at the Grantee Awards night earlier this month.

For our Grantees and the hundreds of others in attendance, the presentation was both inspirational and practical. Gilbert started us off with some guiding principals such as:

  • there aren’t any silver bullets and nothing will ever replace hard work
  • be sure about your purpose, this will be pivotal in a great performance
  • success is a lousy teacher, the best learnings will always come from failure
  • most critical – culture is more important than strategy

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